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why my printer is showing error state
Every time you send a file to print, the error message The HP printer is in an error state appears. This frustrates him so much because it is only because of such a problem that all his important work is pending. You will get some useful ideas to deal with this problem with the help of the HP chat system. The best technicians are always ready to connect and chat with you.
The printer has an error status issue that is displayed on the Windows or Mac system when the printer driver is corrupted or ink, the printer is stuck, and the printer cover is open, or the printer is not connected properly. What do I do if my HP printer is in error state is a common query of users. Don't worry if you can't get your HP printer to clear this error. In this post, we have mentioned some ideal measures in the easiest way to have solutions at your fingertips when you pursue them. So don't downgrade, as we know that every query has a specific answer, but all we have to do is make an effort to find that solution.

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