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залив на банковскую карту
Here’s the revised version of the race calendar for the remainder of 2020…Kartmasters GP will kick off our season again in a few weeks time.
The four round Autumn Cup dates remain unchanged and TKM’s Britain’s Finest still goes ahead in October as originally planned (LGM event cancelled in September).
This new-look calendar also includes the revised dates for the British Karting Championships.
[h]We look forward to welcoming you all back racing at TVKC very soon[/h]
The post Revised 2020 Race Calendar appeared first on TVKC.
[h]This year’s CREW Portland scholarship recipient is Sandra Rollinson[/h]
She is pursuing her Master of Real Estate Development degree and expected to graduate September, 2020.
Sandra Rollinson has worked in the shopping center/commercial property management field for 25 years.
She started as a coordinator at Beverly Center in Los Angeles and moved on to a management role at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, CA.
In 2005, she moved home to Portland and for the last 15 years has worked for General Growth Properties/Brookfield Properties Retail.
[h]Sandra is currently General Manager at Pioneer Place in downtown Portland where[/h]
among other things, she develops strategic business plans and writes operating and capital budgets for the property.
She also administers and enforces leases and negotiates new lease deals while overseeing the security and operations of the Center and manage the property’s Emergency Management System.
[h]Pioneer Place is about to undergo a renovation and Sandra plans to be at the helm[/h]
Graduating from Portland State University in 2018 with an undergraduate degree in Liberal Studies, Sandra also serves the Portland community by participating on boards such as Clean and Safe (BID), Portland Mall Management Inc., and the Pioneer Courthouse Square Board of Trustees.
[h]The most recent past CREW scholarship recipients include: Caitlyn Olds[/h]
Habitat for Humanity Jenny Volbeda, Project Engineer, Pence Construction Sydney Bowman, Real Estate Manager, Ambrosia QSR Christine Pellissier, CFO, Zidell Companies Carly Harrison, Development Manager, Gerding Edlen Angela Guo, Financial Analyst, Enterprise Community Investment The post CREW 2020 Scholarship Recipient, Sandra Rollinson appeared first on CREW Portland.
I’d been thinking for a while that I should move away from iTunes: Apple’s music focus is now on streaming from a library that Apple controls, not on maintaining a library that you control.
And, while they sort of support syncing your music with their cloud technology, they explicitly say that they feel free to serve up different files when syncing, they provide you no way to control metadata if Apple Music is turned on (and they get that metadata wrong, completely losing the integrity of albums), and they even rewrite the original files you have on disc.
So the team is clearly no longer trying to solve the archival use case; iTunes is still usable for that as long as you’re not signed up for Apple Music, but the writing is on the wall, it’s time to look for another solution, from a team that is focused on that use case.
That’s what I’d been thinking for a while, but then this afternoon, on my train ride home, I noticed that my phone hadn’t downloaded some of my music.
The albums that I was looking at were ones that I’d purchased through the iTunes store, so at first I assumed that they’d added some option to offload music for you, the same way that iOS has an option to offload unused apps.
Seemed weird, I didn’t remember turning that on and I had a bunch of space available on my phone, but whatever.
When I got home, I checked my computer; songs were missing there as well.
Had they added an option like that in the upgrade to Catalina (along with the change from iTunes to the Music app).
Fortunately, on the Mac, at least there’s an option to see all the music you’ve purchased from the iTunes music store that’s not on the computer, so I started re-downloading stuff.
Then I looked for the option in the settings to make sure it didn’t delete music; and I couldn’t find an option like that.
Which raised a much more worrying possibility: had I hit a bug where the Music app was just deleting music.
And, if there was such a bug, was it affecting music that I’d ripped from CDs.
[h]One search for Trilectic later (well[/h]
two, one on my phone and one on my Mac) and I had my answer: a good-sized chunk of my music library had disappeared, presumably during the Catalina upgrade.
At which point I started freaking out a bit, .
[h]And wondering whether I still had a pre-Catalina backup around[/h]I think the answer is “yes” – I’d actually just done a disk clone yesterday, so that one would have the problem, but I use alternating drives for my clones, .
[h]And I think that the backup from the previous month was pre-Catalina[/h][h](I could also look in Backblaze[/h]
but I think they only keep stuff around for a month, so that wouldn’t be better than my older clone disk.) And, actually, one good side effect of the previous problems I had was that I’d made a copy of my full iTunes library while investigating that, which I think I still have around; it’s two and a half years old by now, but pretty much all of my purchases since then have been through iTunes, so it should contain all of my physical CDs and probably all of the stuff I’ve purchased from non-iTunes online sources.
Fortunately, before worrying too much, I looked on disk, and the old mp3/m4a files are still there.
So it should just be the metadata that’s gotten messed up, the important data hasn’t been lost.
(Though the stuff that I’ve re-downloaded from the iTunes store has now created duplicate copies of those songs, so I’ll have a bunch of stuff to de-duplicate when I resurrect the music from the disk.
Sigh…)   The upshot of all of this is: I’m now actively looking for a different solution to store my music.
Any recommendations.
[h]My requirements are pretty simple: 1) It should have a master library of music on my Mac[/h]
managed in a straightforward way in a separate location from iTunes.
2) I should be able to sync all of that music to some place on my iPhone.
(I don’t want a solution that requires streaming from my Mac to my phone.) And add yet another item to the list of serious Apple quality problems.
[h]Here’s an example of what multi-factor authentication (MFA) is not[/h]
For instance, you head to your online bank account to login.
Entering the username and password into the designated fields and click on login.
From here, you’ve gained access to your bank information.
Easy peasy and you go about your business.
Wait one second.
If you’re one of the 54% of consumers who use five or fewer passwords for all of your online accounts, you could be setting yourself up for failure.
Recycling passwords is a big no-no.
We highly advise coming up with unique passwords for all digital channels.
We published a blog post discussing the importance of unique passwords and why using the same password is bad.
Let’s dive right in and discuss the benefits of multi-factor authentication.
What Exactly Is MFA.
Multi-factor authentication, sometimes referred to as two-factor authentication (2FA), is defined as a security enhancement that allows you to present two pieces of evidence when logging in to an account.
An example of multi-factor authentication is using your debit card to purchase an item.
The first step is inserting your card for payment.
[h]The second step is entering your personal ID number (PIN)[/h]
Lastly, accepting the terms of the payment on the payment pad.
The real-world transaction is complete.
To demonstrate a digital transaction – let’s use email.
The traditional method of logging into your email account is typing in your email address and password.
Click on the submit button and you’re off to your inbox.
Notably there’s no additional authentication that takes place between the login process.
Of course the example provided is a common case lots of individuals experience when accessing their email.
However, what about adding multi-factor authentication.
Although the process is virtually the same, there’s one small caveat added.
A second verification step.
For example the step can consist of receiving a text message, using an authentication app, or using a fingerprint on a device.
As long as there’s a middle step added that is unique to you, this is considered multi-factor authentication.
To summarize, implementing multi-factor authentication is a step in the right direction for any business.
Safeguarding all of your email, data, and other valuable digital assets is a cybersecurity measure all businesses cannot afford to disregard in today’s digital world.
How Can Small Businesses Benefit From MFA.
For starters, .
[h]Implementing MFA helps protect you with an additional layer of security[/h]The extra layer makes the task of accessing data more difficult for the bad guys.
In other words, if an uninvited hacker was attempting to log into your bank account and MFA was implemented – the individual will not be able to get past the middle step.
A text message to the owner of the email account.
Unless the hacker has access to the individual’s mobile device, chances are low the hacker can gain access to the account.
[h]Implementing MFA for your business is a smart move[/h]
If you partner with a Managed IT Service provider these technical experts can guide you in deploying MFA for specific applications.
[h]You should use MFA whenever possible[/h]
especially when it comes to the company’s sensitive data.
[h]Email is a an application business’ should flip the MFA switch to on[/h]
To point out email is an easy example.
However, we know dealing with an extra security layer is annoying.
[h]The task of entering a code or personal ID number is cumbersome[/h]
We get it.
Although if an email account were to get hacked and didn’t have MFA implemented – would you mind an extra 2-3 seconds of your time to secure your account.
Even worse, .
[h]If a CEO’s email were to get hacked and used for email phishing purposes[/h][h]Imagine a CEO emailing employees or customers asking for wire transfers[/h]
gift cards, or other out the ordinary requests.
Chances are high the recipient will perform the task.
A phisher has become aware of who’s susceptible to these requests.
As business’ continue to strive for stronger cybersecurity techniques we highly recommend implementing MFA at the minimum.
[h]See how Zuma Technology can help turn on MFA for your business today[/h]
The post What is Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) & How It Works appeared first on Zuma Technology MSP | Managed IT Service Provider.
[h]Any category Game App Mod Search[/h]
Privacy Policy.
Privacy Policy.
[h]This document is an integral part of Terms of Service[/h]
It uses the terms and definitions introduced in the Terms of Service and contains information about the processing of any information about the User that the Administration can receive in the process of using by the User.
The use of means the unconditional consent of the User with this Policy and the conditions for processing his personal information specified in it; in case of disagreement with these conditions, .
[h]The user should refrain from using[/h]Personal information of users that the Administration receives and processes Within the framework of this Policy, “personal user information” means: Personal information that the user provides about himself/herself when registering (creating an account) or in the process of using, including personal data of the user.
Mandatory for the provision of services information is marked in a special way.
Other information is provided by the user at his discretion.
Data that is automatically transmitted to during the use of website using the software installed on the user’s device, including the IP address, information from cookies, information about the device and browser (or other program) user, through which access is made, access time, address of the requested page.
Other information about the user, if its collection and/or provision is defined in the regulatory documents of individual services.
This Policy applies only to
The administration does not control and is not responsible for third-party sites to which the user can click on the links available on
On such sites, the user may collect or request other personal information, and other actions may be performed.
The administration in the general case does not verify the accuracy of personal information provided by users, and does not monitor their legal capacity.
However, the Administration assumes that the user provides reliable and sufficient personal information on the issues proposed in the registration form, and maintains this information up to date.
The risk of providing false information is borne by the user who provided it.
The goals of collecting and processing user personal information.
The administration collects and stores only those personal data that are necessary for the provision of services.
The Administration may use personal information of the user for the following purposes: Identification of the party in the framework of agreements and contracts with the Administration;.
Providing the user with personalized services;.
Communication with the user, including sending of notifications, requests and information regarding the use of services, provision of services, as well as the processing of requests and applications from the user;.
Improving the quality of services, ease of use, development of new services;.
Targeting promotional materials.
Conducting statistical and other studies based on anonymized data.
Measures used to protect the personal information of users:.
The administration takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user’s personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, alteration, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.
Change of privacy policy.
[h]The administration has the right to amend this Privacy Policy[/h]
When making changes in the current edition, the date of the last update is indicated.
The new version of the Policy comes into force from the moment of its publication on the website, .
[h]Unless otherwise provided by the new version of the Policy[/h][h]Last added Popular for all time[/h]
© 2020
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