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Link vào Vwin mới nhất cập nhật ngày 11/10/2017
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STEMing UP is one of hEr VOLUTION’s primary programming.
[h]Dedicated to preparing young women for a successful career in the STEM (science[/h]
technology, engineering, and mathematic) industries.
This 4-week intensive course teaches participants valuable technical skills, as well as critical thinking abilities to enable them to succeed and achieve their goals into becoming impactful participants within the STEM industries.
Jada has attended our program in 2019 and she’s currently in grade 12 and will be attending the Software Engineering program at York University in September 2020.
Since STEMing UP.
[h]Jada has been given the great opportunity to give back as a hEr VOLUTION Ambassador[/h]
while she works part-time at her family’s bubble tea shop.
Additionally, .
[h]Jada is a private computer science tutor and a Canada Learning Code Ambassador[/h]Furthermore, Jada was the Schulich Leader Scholarship nominee and U of T Book Award Winner for her school, and a Canadian Affiliate Winner of the NCWIT Award for Aspirations in Computing.
We asked Jada to share her experience in the program and this is what she had to say: Question: What was the most valuable aspect you learned from the STEMing UP.
Answer: I think one of the most valuable things I learned from STEMing UP is the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit.
Many of the guest speakers were founders of their own startups, and their dedication to their ideas lead to their success.
This inspired me and made me realize that if I believe an idea can make an impact, I should pursue it and make it a reality.
This has lead me to start building many of my own projects and exploring various ideas.
A current project of mine is a desktop buddy application called an ukagaka ghost (an animated character that “lives” on a computer desktop and interacts with the user) with self-care reminders, focus timers, dialogue interactions, and various other features.
Question: What did you learn with STEMing UP that you don’t think you’ll be able to learn elsewhere.
Answer: I learned how to network, especially given the opportunity to meet and learn from so many incredible guest speakers.
I also learned how valuable it is to maintain and build on those relationships, and how it can lead to mutual benefit.
I was immediately able to practice this, as each participant gets paired with a mentor after the program is finished.
It’s been amazing to learn so many new skills (react, git, vim, APIs, and more) and work together on various projects with my mentor.
She has also been an incredible source of advice as a professional in the industry I’d like to enter (software engineering/development) and a fun person to chat with.
Question: What was it like to only have girls in the program.
Answer: It was a very different environment from many other programs I have done, as I’ve gotten used to being one of at most 3 females in the room.
[h]It was great to be surrounded by other girls with a passion for STEM[/h]
and it was easy to get to know each other.
We were able to relate over shared interests.
I’ve kept in touch with many of the other participants, and I’ve seen quite a few of them at various events afterward.
Question: If you had one tip for new participants, what would that be.
Answer: Take advantage of your opportunities.
Don’t be afraid to apply to everything that interests you.
Doina has been incredible with continuing to share tons of scholarships, competitions, programs.
[h]And more after the STEMing UP program[/h]
and there are also so many sites where you can discover opportunities for yourself.
Don’t be afraid of getting rejected or to try something new.
[h]Taking part in STEMing UP might be a totally new experience[/h]
and taking full advantage of all the chances to learn and grow throughout the program will be a huge benefit to you.
[h]Question: Anything else you want to share[/h]
Answer: Here’s some shameless self-promotion…Follow me and my partner’s hEr VOLUTION Ambassador account @HVE_jada_and_khushi on Instagram, and stop by Kung Fu Tea on Bayview if you’re ever in Richmond Hill.
[h]Due to COVID-19 application deadline will be extended to May 31[/h]
Please check out our virtual info session below that has more information on the program and what to expect.
We will be running a virtual office hours on May 23 and May 30, please register here.
Please add your email to our youth email list to be notified and take part in the virtual session filled with fun while learning about the program.
For more information on the program and how to apply, visit:

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