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Charlotte Hornets, nbadesign.com, Nba Team Face Masks - WilliamR - 02-22-2021

For NBA All-Star 2021, the NBA and NBPA have established additional measures to supplement the league’s current Health and Safety Protocols. These include private travel to and from Atlanta, the creation of a “mini bubble” environment within a single hotel for players and coaches, and enhanced PCR testing. More information is available here. Additionally, for the well-being and safety of the greater Atlanta community, there will be no fan activities, ticketed events or hospitality functions as part of All-Star.Detroit Pistons

[Image: 5ac32b343c3ef3072b7e67d49d5d931efaf2bfcc...50x250.png]

"It's something that we've talked about," Tatum said. "And it's not like every game where I feel it the whole game. It's just certain stretches where breathing is a little out of whack, and I talk to the medical staff and coaching staff about it. It's gotten better, obviously, from the first game I came back and played.Charlotte Hornets

“Yeah,” said Rivers. “Do not say that word. It’s a dirty word. It’s like concussion.”

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As the trade deadline approaches, there will be plenty of rumors and reports, and that means it’s time to evaluate them all.Denver Nuggets

Bottoms also said there will be "no NBA-sanctioned events open to the public" and that the city strongly encourages local businesses "not to host events in the city related to this game."Sacramento Kings

Jazz center Rudy Gobert said the game "felt like a playoff game -- the intensity, the tough shots that they were making all night."

While they couldn't do it with the basketball, several Mavericks teamed with owner Mark Cuban to assist in the emergency needs in the community during the break. The Mavericks donated $1.25 million.

Nba Team Face Masks

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