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  Про кошек
Posted by: igloppatin - 09-19-2020, 10:20 PM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - No Replies

Породы кошек cats.abc64.ru. Разведение кошек. Породистые котята. Купить котенка. Питомник кошек.

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Posted by: abradapetovy8642 - 09-18-2020, 05:53 AM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - No Replies



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  Откуда взять клиентов
Posted by: aolgacahvsy270 - 09-07-2020, 08:25 PM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (1)

Software Implementation.
Project Management.
Project Implementation.
Rollout and Training.
Selecting the right tools and partners helps minimise risks and reduce costs.
This is why Addedo AG supports its customers when they are setting up consolidation solutions from a wide variety of providers.
Implementation of solutions from a widevariety of providers.
Provision of services over many years for the widest variety of customers in terms of:.
Group size.
Corporate culture.
Regulatory Requirements.
Individual operational requirements.
[h]Addedo offers also a technical installations for the IBM range of products[/h]
We are happy to assist in the following areas : New installations of IBM Cognos Controller , TM1 and Cognos BI.
Upgrades of existing environments to the latest version.
Review and optimization of your environment.
Technical Support.
Design and optimization your IT.
Contact us here for upcoming projects.
We look forward to your inquiry.
Project Management.
An implementation project can be a complex matter with many requirement clusters.
Professional handling and organisation ensure that these requirements are fulfilled in good time and to the required quality.
For its customers, Addedo AG provides project managers used to coming to grips with the interfaces between the financial and IT aspects on a day-to-day basis to provide support in the following areas: Business Intelligence (BI).
Corporate MIS.
System integration.
Migration projects.
Project Implementation.
Competent consultants  is an absolute must have for any implementation of new software.
The external consultants should not stay longer than absolutely necessary.
Our project implementation includes: The employees can maintain the system.
Independent development of the system.
Comprehensive know-how transfer from consultant to customer.
Rollout and Training.
So that your employees can maintain and further develop the new system in the long term we offer you in addition to the software rollout an extensive training.
Our experts have many years of experience , also of employee training.
In the last phase of the project , we will clarify with you the training needs of the main users.
[h]The training steps are: Team Training Project Development[/h]
Team Training Group Finance.
Consolidation unit training.
[h]Business unit Controller function training[/h]
Reporting entities/subsidiaries training.
[h]Our experienced consultants lead the trainings in German[/h]
English or French.

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  Урожай на балконе
Posted by: bbobbytxaxd3740 - 08-28-2020, 10:02 AM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (1)

King’s Cup.
KING’S CUP DESCRIPTION… King of Booze: King’s Cup is a drinking game that can be played with 2 players and more.
It’s an ideal party game to start the night.
The game is also known as Ring of Fire, Kings.
[h]Or Oval of Fire.  More people = More fun Each card has a rule attached to it[/h]
simply follow the rules on the cards to have a good time.
That’s about it.
You can play the classic mode or you can create your own custom deck with your own rules.
[h]Players add drinks to the “King’s Cup” every time they draw a king[/h]
and when the 4th king is drawn the player has to drink the cocktail created by previous 3 kings.
© 2020 Daygames.
All Rights Reserved.
Created by:.

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Posted by: alexeyandext8179 - 08-14-2020, 12:33 AM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (3)

[h]As the ConnectBooster team gets ready for our trip to Music City next week[/h]
we are excited to be taking part in our first GPUG Summit event.
[h]While I have had the opportunity to attend many of the Summit events in the past[/h]
this will be the first time for many of our team.
This is a great event that I look forward to each year – a time to see old friends and all the great solutions that exist for the suite of Dynamics products.
Over the past year, ConnectBooster has worked extremely hard to build and solidify our integration to Dynamics GP.
This integration allows for robust functionality for online access to invoices, online payments and real-time syncing to GP.
The ConnectBooster Dynamics GP integration saves partners time and effort by handling these typically manual processes.
You’ll get as excited as we are once you see the product to the GP community and partner with us to ultimately get paid faster and easier.
We are also very excited to announce our new integration to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
This new integration provides a recurring billing system built inside Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.
[h]Can be synced to ConnectBooster and with the sync to your accounting system[/h]
can allow for AutoPay of invoices based on the recurring agreements.
This creates an end-to-end recurring billing and AutoPay solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Dynamics GP.
Make sure to stop in and see us next week at booth #768.
[h]We are excited to be in Nashville for our first Summit event[/h]
See y’all next week.
The post GPUG Summit in Nashville: New Billing Integrations with Dynamics 365 and ConnectBooster appeared first on ConnectBooster.

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  залив на банковскую карту
Posted by: amximusshtolze7410 - 08-12-2020, 06:41 AM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (4)

Here’s the revised version of the race calendar for the remainder of 2020…Kartmasters GP will kick off our season again in a few weeks time.
The four round Autumn Cup dates remain unchanged and TKM’s Britain’s Finest still goes ahead in October as originally planned (LGM event cancelled in September).
This new-look calendar also includes the revised dates for the British Karting Championships.
[h]We look forward to welcoming you all back racing at TVKC very soon[/h]
The post Revised 2020 Race Calendar appeared first on TVKC.

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Posted by: Gilbertapope - 08-05-2020, 10:00 PM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - No Replies

Si è tenuta questo pomeriggio.
[h]Presso la sede del partner biancorosso Nippo Motors di Viale Valganna 35[/h]
la conferenza stampa di presentazione di Michele Ruzzier, nuovo play titolare della Pallacanestro Openjobmetis Varese.
Queste le sue prime parole: «Sono contentissimo ed orgoglioso di poter giocare per Pallacanestro Varese, una piazza storica del basket italiano ed europeo.
Per me si tratta di una sfida importantissima perché arriva nel pieno della mia carriera; è per questo motivo che quando si è presentata l’occasione non ho esitato.
Ringrazio per la fiducia Andrea Conti che mi aveva già portato a Cremona; spero di ripagarla.
Evidentemente non riesce a fare a meno di me.
Ricalcare le orme di Pozzecco.
L’ho sentito subito dopo l’ufficialità e mi ha detto che qui a Varese mi sarei trovato bene.
Credo che lui sia uno dei veri fenomeni che hanno giocato nel nostro campionato, quindi non starei a scomodare il paragone.
[h]Sapere che dopo di lui un altro triestino sarà play titolare di Varese[/h]
però, mi riempie d’orgoglio.
Nel mio stesso ruolo ci sarà Giovanni De Nicolao che sto conoscendo in questi giorni; è un ragazzo giovane che ha tanta voglia di fare ed imparare.
Sono sicuro che riusciremo a migliorarci a vicenda.
Un giocatore che non ha bisogno di presentazioni.
Quando ho saputo che avrei giocato con lui stentavo a crederci.
Sarà importante trovare la giusta sintonia con lui e, ovviamente, con tutti gli altri compagni con i quali stiamo creando l’amalgama perfetto giorno dopo giorno.
C’è voglia di fare bene anche in ottica Nazionale; spero di far parte del giro azzurro ancora altre volte in modo da diventare una pedina fondamentale».

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  Game LIFE 遊戲情報
Posted by: RogerLof - 08-05-2020, 05:22 AM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (1)

Rich Greenwood, a trained accident investigator, took on the task of uncovering as much detail as possible on an unusual fatal crash that involved an in-flight break up.
He was helped by Michael Pohlman. We paid for the metallurgic testing but these folks donated time and expertise.
Download the whole report PDF here for pictures and detailed descriptions from all available witnesses.
Accident Investigation Team Summary The Mishap Flight (MF) was a three-ship recreational flight of wheeled Powered Paragliders (PPGs) consisting of the Mishap Pilot (MP), Wingman 1 (WM1) and Wingman 2 (WM2) operating under Title 14 Chapter I Subchapter F Part 103.
The MF departed Gator airfield (3FD4) at approximately 6:45 AM on 29 July 2019 and headed Northeast.
During the flight.
[h]The MF decided to fly over a friend’s house[/h]
Ground Observer 1 (GO1), who was another PPG owner/operator.
[h]The MF arrived over Lake Beauclair at approximately 7:20 AM at 1500 feet AGL[/h]
[h]The MP texted GO1 that they were approaching his house[/h]
GO1 and his friend, Ground Observer 2, (GO2, was not a PPG pilot) then went outside to watch.
[h]GO1 requested that the MP “get low over us” via text[/h]
WM1 was ahead of the MP and WM2 was slightly behind.
Witness statements indicate the Mishap Aircraft (MA) then began a very aggressive right-hand turn, .
[h]So aggressive it was disconcerting to both WM2 and GO1[/h](The initial turn was not observed by WM1) After about 1 and ¾ turns GO1 and GO2 saw the wing collapse, a “dark object” fly off, and the reserve open.
(GO1 described it as the reserve while GO2 said something “white” which was the color of the reserve.
The dark object was later determined to be the MP in the front part of the MA.) WM2 reported seeing the MA in a spiral and then the wing “split in half” but did not see the “dark object” fly off.
[h]WM2 radioed to WM1 that the MP was in trouble[/h]
WM2 watched the reserve parachute and began a descent to follow it as it landed in the water, after which he turned on his video camera.
While circling the debris field with the reserve parachute, .
[h]WM2 noted a secondary debris field in the water about 750 feet northeast of the first[/h]When circling the second debris field, .
[h]WM2 noted the MP’s head and shoulders under the water[/h][h]He and WM1 then proceeded to land at a golf course near GO1 and GO2[/h]
Meanwhile, GO2, seeing the events, called 911.
The Sheriff’s office responded and approximately 3 hours later the MP and the wreckage were pulled from the water.
[h]The MP received fatal injuries during the event[/h]
Recommendations The following recommendations were listed in the report and are included here for convenience.
The USPPA and instructors should include in their training syllabus the hazard of overstressing equipment, both airframe and wings, when discussing steep spirals.
Pilots who choose to fly with a reserve parachute should contact the manufacturer with regards to their recommendations on reserve parachute installation.
The installation should consider the airframe failure noted in this report.
Pilots should carefully consider their type and location of flying and the possible consequences of the decision to deactivate the automatic activation feature of floatation devices.
Pilots should understand that there is no guarantee of any load carrying capabilities when flying non-certificated equipment.
Pilots should read, understand and adhere to all manufacturer’s instructions when purchasing, assembling and installing any aftermarket equipment.
The USPPA and instructors should include in their training syllabus a review of the information in Advisor Circular 103-7, with emphasis on Para 4a.
Richard Greenwood Acme Rigging Michael Pohlman Acme Rigging   The post 2019 Accident Investigation Fatal Paramotor Trike Crash appeared first on The United States Powered Paragliding Association.

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  A little gem When Choosing any Wig
Posted by: ConradTralS - 08-26-2018, 05:34 PM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - Replies (36)

Las tardes de Telemundo estarán llenas de romance y drama familiar con el gran estreno de “La Ley del Corazón” el lunes, 17 de agosto a la 1pm/12c.
Basada en casos de la vida real, la producción toma lugar en un exitoso bufete de abogados especializado en derecho de familia.
Protagonizada por Luciano D’Alessandro (Operación Pacífico) y Laura Londoño (Narcos, Sin Senos No Hay Paraíso) la historia cuenta la vida de Pablo Domínguez (D’Alessandro), socio del bufete que está sufriendo las consecuencias de un divorcio, y Julia Escallón (Londoño), una joven abogada que está a punto de contraer matrimonio con Camilo Borrero (Sebastián Martínez).
Todo cambia radicalmente para Julia en el día de su boda cuando su novio es arrestado por un asesinato que ocurrió en su despedida de soltero.
[h]El destino de Julia y Pablo cambiará cuando se encuentren en la corte[/h]
lugar que dará inicio a una relación que estará amenazada con la posible salida de prisión de Camilo y un complicado triángulo amoroso.
[h]View this post on Instagram   Hoy más que nunca QUE LA MODA SEA CÓMODA[/h]
como la colección Primavera – Verano 2020 de @mango en Rebajas Todo Hasta el 60% en mango.com o por la nueva linea de Whatsapp 322 5236657, el envio es gratis.
[h]???????????? #yomevistoparami A post shared by Laura Londono (@londonotlaura) on Aug 11[/h]
2020 at 10:41am PDT Los conflictos románticos e interpersonales de los demás abogados de la firma van paralelos a la historia central de “La Ley del Corazón”, mientras abordan casos emocionales y dramáticos.
Los otros miembros de la firma incluyen al mujeriego encantador Nicolás Ortega (Iván López), el brillante Alfredo Duperly (Rodrigo Candamil), la romántica Catalina Mejía (Lina Tejeiro), la feminista María del Pilar Garcés (Mabel Moreno – El Señor de los Cielos), el suspicaz Iván Estefan (Manuel Sarmiento), el divertido Elías Rodríguez (Mario Ruíz), además de otros personajes que buscan el amor en un entorno cargado de conflictos.Pudimos conversar con la divertida Laura sobre la serie y sobre su personaje, que de acuerdo a la información brindada por Telemundo, es una “soltera, bellísima, una brillante abogada experta en derecho de familia quien, .
[h]Al inicio de la historia está a punto de casarse con Camilo Borrero[/h][h]Pero el día de la boda su matrimonio se frustra dándole la oportunidad de conocer a Pablo[/h]
con quien terminará trabajando hombro a hombro en la Firma Cabal-Ortega-Domínguez y asociados.
[h]Aunque su relación con Camilo quedó en pausa[/h]
sigue enamorada de él, pero la cercanía con Pablo la hará lentamente, descubrir que siente una atracción por él.”   View this post on Instagram   Con las mejores ropas o en bola… estas aguas tibias no me gustan.
Voy a llegar a mi casa a ponerme todo eso que guardo “para una ocasión especial” y lo voy a USAR sin temor alguno, de manera desprendida y placentera, hasta que se rompan o adelgacen las telas, (como le ha pasado a “los 3 trapos” con los que he contado en esta cuarentena ????), ya me verán en hermosos vestidos lavando platos, en deliciosas sedas aspirando, o en lentejuelas tendiendo la cama, (prometo estas imágenes).
Les pregunto, qué es una ocasión especial.
[h]La vida HOY es lo más especial porque es lo único qué hay[/h]
así que ya no guardaré lo lindo para después, ni lo mejor para cuando tenga invitados.
[h]LA VIDA MISMA ES UNA OCASIÓN ESPECIAL que vale la pena celebrar[/h]
Me declaro en celebración de mi vida desde este mismo instante, aunque aún mi vestir no esté acorde.
Felicitaciones por las vidas de ustedes.
[h]???? [email protected] A post shared by Laura Londono (@londonotlaura) on May 29[/h]
2020 at 2:04pm PDT Según Laura, “Julia Escallón” es una mujer muy simpática, pragmática, que tiene siempre un consejo para ayudar a todos a solucionar su vida, mientras que la de ella es un “verdadero desastre.” No se pierdan esta divertida conversación con la talentosa actriz colombiana, en donde nos cuenta en detalle todo lo que podemos esperar en “La Ley del Corazón”, a partir del próximo lunes 17 de agosto a la 1 pm / 12 pm Centro por Telemundo.

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  All About Wide lace top Top Human Hair Wigs
Posted by: RussellInire - 08-20-2018, 04:12 PM - Forum: Link vào VWIN mới nhất tháng 10/2017 - No Replies

OptiInstrument 1.0 is a new released software by Optiwave that addresses the needs of researchers, scientists, photonic engineers, professors and students who are working with instruments.
OptiInstrument software satisfies the demands of users who are searching for a powerful yet easy tool to physically or remotely communicate and control instruments.
OptiInstrument 1.0 New Features The post OptiInstrument 1.0 New Features appeared first on Optiwave.

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